Limestone slabs Photo taken on Fanore beach – the Burren, Co. Clare. By John Hooton
Project Aims
Tellus Border is a regional environmental survey. Its aims are ambitious and wide-ranging.

Modern mapping techniques will allow us to:
  • Generate integrated, high quality data on the environment of the border counties
  • Define environmental baselines for measuring future change
  • Encourage research and innovation
  • Inform sustainable land use planning
  • Promote investment in mineral exploration

Project Benefits
Project results will benefit Ireland’s environment, economy, agriculture, land management and public health.

Soil SamplingThese benefits will include:

  • High quality data for environmental research
  • Improved baseline information to inform planning
  • Improved cross-border environmental management
  • Increased investment in mineral exploration
  • Communication of the value of environmental science to the public
  • Improved understanding of wetlands and peat
  • New method for landfill/pollution plume detection