On 29th September 2012, Ciaran Hanna, Programme Officer with the Special EU Programmes Body, joined the Tellus Border team on a field trip to sampling sites in counties Armagh and Monaghan. Braving the wet and windy weather, Ciaran had the opportunity to experience first hand some of the technical aspects of fieldwork on the research projects being carried out by the Tellus Border team. At Kilroosky Lough, Co. Monaghan, Dr Alec Rolston demonstrated macro-invertebrate sampling methods for the rare freshwater crayfish, in support of his work on wetlands ecology and hydrology underway at Dundalk Institute of Technology. Throughout the airborne survey a ground test line at Sliabh Beagh has been surveyed to ground-truth data for the soil carbon research project at Queen’s University. Queen’s University researchers Dr Alastair Ruffell, Dr Jenny McKinley and Dr Antoinette Keaney along with GSI’s Dr James Hodgson demonstrated ground penetrating radar and 2D ground resistivity profiles along the Sliabh Beagh test line, which is located at a cross-border site in counties Monaghan and Armagh.